Composite Pipe

KiTEC Pipes for Air Conditioning:

Plastic is a fascinating and interesting material indeed, but with it's proneness to creeping and it's significant dilation, plastic alone is in most cases not ideally suited and only restrictively operational in pipe nets. Thus, in plastic pipes, the rated pressure of pipe reduces drastically with increase in design life span at specified operating temperature. At the same time, the life of the pipe reduces drastically with the increase in operating temperature.

KiTEC composite pipes have these properties balanced to satisfying levels.

In addition to this, better Insulating property as compared to conventional metal pipes and suitability of the pipe for use at sub-zero temperature up to -40oC temperature gives KiTEC an added dimension for the applications associated with Air Conditioning.

KiTEC Pipe for Radiant Heating System

The basic advantage of radiant heating system over conventional heating system is better temperature distribution leading to 30% saving in energy. Forced air systems distribute heat unevenly with hot air rising to the ceiling. This creates a "Warm Head – Cold Feet" sensation which is not what the body likes.

Warm floors allow you to heat the extremities – feet, legs – and provide you with greater personal comfort at a reduced room temperature.

KiTEC Pipes for Cooling Systems

Fan Coil Units : The Fan Coil Unit (FCU) is a sheet metal cabinet that houses a Chilled Water Coil constructed out of copper tubes and aluminium fins, a Blower with motor and an Air Filter. Fan Coil Units are generally used where multiple areas (example, hotel rooms) are to be cooled independently, using a central air-conditioning plant. The water is chilled centrally and pumped to various parts of the building through insulated pipes. The chilled water enters the FCU, where heat exchange takes place between the room air and the chilled water in the coil. Air is passed over the coils using a three speed blower motor, mounted in the FCU.