Composite Pipe

KiTEC Composite Pipes as Cable Conduits

Shielding Effectiveness

KiTEC COMPOSITE PIPES are very effective as conduit, specially for data transmission, telecommunication and signal cables. Its uniqueness is in its three layer construction, incorporating a welded sealed aluminium tube providing the very latest method of EMI screening covered both internally and externally with a layer of Polyethylene. This gives the product comparable strength to that of a metal conduit with the flexibility of a plastic conduit.

Shielding effectiveness (attenuation in dB) is a measurement of the ratio between the external environment field strength and that field strength measured after passing through any material. This is recorded in a logarithmic scale

KiTEC COMPOSITE multi layer conduit systems are designed to absorb and reflect emitted radiation from sources of interference.

The shielding effectiveness of KiTEC COMPOSITE PIPING SYSTEM is highly effective throughout the entire frequency range, and will provide protection from interference for data, telecommunication and signal cables and is far superior in comparison to any other product currently available.

Cost Savings

This is supplemented by the cost savings that can be made during installation and the greater flexibility of the range.

With KiTEC COMPOSITE PIPES, its unique construction and smooth internal bore makes the stripping of cable insulation a thing of the past, compared to steel conduit. Add to this the greater lengths through more bends which can be achieved without stretching the cables, the pulling of cable could not be easier.

KiTEC COMPOSITE PIPES is a simple tubing product which can be installed with no mess, minimal wastage and in a fraction of the time taken for conventional systems, for cable protection, screening, fire protection and halogen free applications.

WARNING: The aluminium tube is not suitable to be used as a protective conductor.