Composite Pipe

KiTEC Pipes for Cooling Systems

Fan Coil Units:

The Fan Coil Unit (FCU) is a sheet metal cabinet that houses a Chilled Water Coil constructed out of copper tubes and aluminium fins, a Blower with motor and an Air Filter. Fan Coil Units are generally used where multiple areas (example, hotel rooms) are to be cooled independently, using a central air-conditioning plant. The water is chilled centrally and pumped to various parts of the building through insulated pipes. The chilled water enters the FCU, where heat exchange takes place between the room air and the chilled water in the coil. Air is passed over the coils using a three speed blower motor, mounted in the FCU.

The air speed can be controlled by choosing the blower motor speed, from a selector switch, in the conditioned space. A thermostat is also mounted in the air-conditioned space. The thermostat controls a solenoid valve that closes when the desired temperature is reached, thereby shutting off the flow of chilled water into the FCU water coil. Once the temperature in the room rises the thermostat activates the solenoid valve which opens allowing the chilled water to flow into the coil again. The temperature of chilled water is ranging from 5 to 7 degree C.

KiTEC Pipe for Fan Coil Units:

The piping is required to be provided from central air-conditioning plant to each fan coil unit. A return water line is also required. The pipe line to fan coil unit is pressurized pipe and return line is at lower pressure and termed as drain line. From main, KiTEC pipe is used. Generally Male thread connectors / female thread connectors are required only unless an additional connection is given from this line. In such case, a tee will be required.

Fittings for Fan Coil Units:

Brass Internal sealing, Composite Internal sealing as well as external sealing fittings can be used for piping of fan coil units. It is necessary that the installation procedure as recommended is followed.

KiTEC Pipe for Split Air Conditioners:

KiTEC provides excellent chemical resistance for freon gas. It can be used for pressure as well as delivery piping for split air conditioners.

Fittings for Split air conditioners:

Brass Internal sealing fittings must only be used for piping. It is necessary that the installation procedure as recommended is followed.

Many a times, threaded joints are avoided. In such cases, KiTEC to copper connection should be used. This fitting is having one end suitable for ferrule joint with copper and other end is for jointing of KiTEC pipe.

KiTEC Pipe Avoid condensation:

KiTEC composite pipes provide an increased resistance to the onset of condensation or pipe sweating in a air conditioning application. Metal pipe in the same situation will condense moisture on the outside pipe surface or sweat far sooner than KiTEC. The graph provides a comparison.

The graph shows that for given internal fluid temperature and relative humidity copper pipe sweats well before any size of KiTEC pipe. It should be noted, that 2025 KiTEC pipe provides the greatest resistance, while the 1216 KiTEC provides somewhat less.

Minimize the temperature rise in chilled water:

As KiTEC is bad conductor of heat, it requires lesser insulation as compared to equivalent metal pipes. As a thumb rule, the insulation requirement is considered to be 50% of the metal pipes.

Work in tight spaces:

KiTEC can be installed in walls and ceilings or surface mounted. It can be supported horizontally or vertically on 8 foot centers because its stiffness and expansion rate is similar to copper's. KiTEC is easily formed into curves, sets by hand and only requires bending springs when forming tight bends down to radius equivalent to 5 times the diameter of pipe.

KiTEC permanently holds whatever shape it is formed into and does not need additional clips or brackets to retain the shape of bends or curves. Hence it is easier to work with KiTEC for the lines which are running over the sealing for connection with FCUs which are required to be installed at strategic locations.