Composite Pipe

KiTEC for Gaseous Fluids

Plastic pipes are permeable to gases. Composite pipe with Aluminium barrier layer is the best option as an alternative to other plastic pipes to reduce the gas permeation.

KiTEC pipes provides complete impermeability and at the same time offers all the advantages associated with plastic pipes such as corrosion resistance, and ease in installation.

KiTEC Brass fittings, when used with KiTEC pipe, ensure leak-proof joints at a pressure as high as 20 bar.

KiTEC piping system is widely accepted for various gaseous fluid handling systems such as,

  • Compressed air lines for industrial applications
  • Compressed air lines in dental hospitals
  • Natural Gas/LPG distribution for domestic and commercial installations
  • LPG distribution for poultry farm heating systems with gas brooders