Composite Pipe

KiTEC for Chemical Handling

Excellent Chemical Resistance:

KiTEC Piping System offers, perhaps, the best chemical and corrosion resistance of any plastic used in the manufacture of pipes. The polyolefin family of plastics - PE and PEX included - is renowned for it’s toughness, long service life and resistance to deterioration in the most extreme environments. In addition to this, with Aluminium layer it resists the swelling leading to very good chemical resistance for liquid hydrocarbons such as diesel, petrol, kerosene and fuel oils.

Low Expansion and Contraction:

KiTEC’s aluminum core controls the amount of expansion and contraction in the pipe. In fact although KiTEC looks like a plastic pipe its expansion rate is very similar to copper’s so you don’t have to worry about building in costly and time consuming pipe offsets. In addition to this, while laying the pipe line on racks, particularly in case of industrial piping, the thermal stresses developed are very low resulting in lower stresses on supporting structure. No special clamping arrangements are required to be provided.

Support Spacing and overhang:

With better structural strength due to aluminium layer, as compared to PE pipes, KiTEC provides more versatility for in plant piping. Overhang of 1.5 meters can be safely provided for most of the chemicals with specific gravity being equal or lesser than 1. As a thumb rule, this distance can be altered in the ratio of the specific gravity of fluid. Hence for Phosphoric Acid, having specific gravity of 1.5, the overhang can be 1 meter.

Performance at elevated temperature:

The reduction in basic strength with the rise in temperature is less as compared to other plastic pipes. Hence, KiTEC piping system gives superior service at elevated temperatures up to 80 deg. C. as compared to other conventional plastic pipes.