KiTEC has recently constructed a toilet block in a small village

KiTEC has recently constructed a toilet block in a small village near Jaipur and the same was handed over to the school authorities at the hands of Mr. Sudhakaran Nair, Chairman, World Plumbing Council and President Indian Plumbing Association. The school is situated in Behlod village, approx 50km away from Jaipur.

Behlod and surrounding localities are home for more than 2000 plumber families who work in Jaipur.One of the successful ones among them, Mr. Mahadev initiated the thought process of construction of a toilet block for the school where he also studied. It is a 40 years old government school where 700 boys and girls study from 1st standard to 10th standard but never had washrooms for students or even staff.

Mr. Mahadev approached through former chairman of IPA's Jaipur chapter Sudhir Mathur. our Mr. Dinesh Malpani and Mr Purushottam Pandya to the undersigned for the same. The toilet block got built! There are facilities for girls and boys and male and female staff.The students and villagers have pledged that they will maintain the facility and will keep it clean.

19th December,2014 is an important day for Behlod village because their kids will attend school regularly hereafter.The time spent with 700 children of the school, teaching staff and villagers will remain etched in the memories.

The festivities ended with a sumptuous meal in the village at the modern home of Plumber Mahadev.The family of Mahadev and villagers served the meal to the group of ' VIPs' from IPA and KiTEC.

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