Salient Features

Salient Features - Chemical Properties

Resists at 20o as well as 60o C.

Acids, Alcohol, Aldehyde, Ethylene Glycol, Bleach, Corrosion inhibitors, Detergents, Foodstuff, Petrol, diesel, fuel oils, Vegetable/Mineral oils.

Resists at ambient temperature

Performance yet to be ascertained at elevated temperatures:
Beverages, Insecticides, Ketones, Oxidation agents, Paints, Salts, Surfactants/soaps

Chlorine Resistance

KiTEC pipe has much better resistance to chlorine attack than other non-composite pipes because of the aluminum middle layer. The outer layer is not exposed to chlorine therefore there is no method for chlorine attack on the outer layer. KiTEC pipes are an excellent choice for continuous re-circulation plumbing applications.

KiTEC chemical fittings can be used with KiTEC composite pipes for chemical handling.

Please contact Company with chemical name, pressure and temperature to find the suitability of KiTEC pipes, fitting and accessories for given chemicals.