Salient Features

Salient Features - Thermal Properties

Thermal Strength

KiTEC Composite Pipes are having pressure rating of 13.8 Kg/Cm2 at 23oC. and 11.0 Kg/Cm2 at 60oC. KiTEC Composite piping system can safely be used for 6 Kg/Cm2 pressure at 80oC working temperature. Short term excursions to 95oC will not affect the overall performance. Design life span for KiTEC Composite Piping System is in excess of 50 years. KiTEC Plumbing Pipes are having pressure rating of 12.0 Kg/Cm2 at 23oC. and 6.0 Kg/Cm2 at 65oC. KiTEC Plumbing system can safely be used for 4 Kg/Cm2 pressure at 80oC working temperature.

Thermal Expansion

KiTEC has a low coefficient of linear expansion, similar to copper tubing, and is far superior to alternate plastic pipe. This eliminates the need of installation "offsets" and the concern about abrading pipe due to constant movement as a result of temperature changes. Straight runs are always attainable with KiTEC pipe. Coefficient of Thermal Expansion for KiTEC Pipe is : 25 x 10-6 / oK. Low expansion coefficient is due to tie layer which eliminates the differential expansion of plastic and metal.

Resistance to freezing

In plumbing and water supply applications, KiTEC can withstand multiple multiple cycles of freezing and thawing while under pressure without bursting up to -40O C. temperature. Thawing can be done using a hot air blowgun, hot water injection, and electric blanket or heating cable method. An open flame, torch, or electric current should not be used to thaw the pipe.

Thermal Insulation

KiTEC is having Thermal Conductivity of 0.43 Watt/[m ok.]. KiTEC composite pipes provide an increased resistance to the onset of condensation or pipe sweating in a plumbing application. In case of hot water piping the insulation requirement is only 50% of the same required for conventional metal pipes.